Virginia based Ian Dickman is  Lil Ugly Mane, a rapper and producer who makes hella dope, catchy, trill-infested southern hip hop that fuckin’ knocks. A little late on the drop for this one, but it is a gem to say the absolute least. I’ve been listening to this mixtape daily for the past two weeks since i was introduced to Lil Ugly Mane’s trill ass sound. At first when i heard his name i was immediately turned off and had no intrest in checking out his music, but after listening to the laid-back banger “Hoeish Ass Bitch” off his MISTA THUG ISOLATION mixtape I instantly became a HUGE fan. His post-dirty south sound is reminisce to A$AP Rocky, UGK, early Three 6 Mafia, 8Ball & MJG and other trill sounding artists- yet Lil Ugly Mane still manages to put his own unique twist on every song on this extremely dope mixtape. His production & rapping skills are on another level of trill-ness, the way he pitches his voice differently on every cleanly produced song sounds mad ill. Cop his MISTA THUG ISOLATION mixtape here, and check out the rest of his music here. Check out a couple of my favorites off the tape below;

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