Fishing “OOOO” & “You’re An Animal” (Remix)

Fishing is a Sydney, Australia based instrumental duo, made up of Doug Wright and Russell Fitzgibbon, that create sample-based hip-hop felt electronic music. After finding out the dudes had support from The Go! Team I knew they were a force to be reckoned with, but at first i could not find anything about them or any more of there music besides the two songs posted below. But luckily, thanks to and their website i am now properly informed. Fishing’s music is clearly influenced by a wide range of artists, seeing the two are also in a indie-pop band called We Say Bamboulee, and have a vast amount of genres on their soundcloud songs (glitch, chillwave, electronic, etc). Anyways, enough talking go check out their soundcloud and listen to “OOOO” and a remix they did for Jonathan Boulet’s “You’re An Animal” below;

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