Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix (Pictures)

When i read about this happening i almost died of excitement, Jimi Hendrix is probably my favorite guitar player of all time, and Andre 3000 is easily one of my favorite rappers / is a pretty solid actor (watch Four Brothers). I feel like Three Stacks will fit the part of Hendrix almost perfectly, with both the two being some what eccentric, intresting characters with a colorful clothing collection i think this will work out perfectly. Apparently, the Hendrix estate isn’t one hundred percent on board with the film being made, but with the pictures on the internet it seems as to be otherwise (hopefully). Check out a couple pictures below of Andre 3k looking like Hendrix. He looks creepily similar to Jimi Hendrix in my opinion and i think that is an awesome thing, the only other person who could have pulled off the character in my opinion is Wiz Khalifa; but his personality and acting career just isn’t there. Anyways, be on the look out for All Is By My Side to drop in the next year or so, in the meantime they are shooting it in Ireland. This movie is going to be offical, just wait.

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