Vic Mensa “Blazin'”

Kids These Day are an eight piece super-group band of dopeness out of Chicago. With jazzy blues-felt vocals, horns, and sometimes indie-like guitar as well as lyricism fueled by catchy, stand out similes and metaphors the group excels as one of hip hops most underrated and overlooked artists. Every musician in KTD is ridiculously talented, just check out some of the live footage on their Youtube page if you don’t believe me.

Slowly but surely they are starting to gain attention, so the other day when i saw their MC, Vic Mensa dropped a solo video i had to peep it. For “Blazin’” the rapper decided to spit over the Blended Babies and Chuck Inglish co-produced track “Bastermating” off Asher Roth‘s Pabst & Jazz Mixtape. With sick colored visuals in a cool spot the music video is visually tight, and lyrically Vic Mensa sounds like he just had an epiphany and is finally ready to let the world know how he feels. Rhyming about his hometown Chi-City, pondering about death and the loss of a close friend, and ending the verse talking about how it doesn’t matter if people are in his way- he will get to the top, he kills the beat with his words. Check out the awesome track and visuals below for Vic Mensa’s “Blazin'”and watch out for the up and comer, as well as his hella talented group Kids These Days because they are definitely making moves!

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