Exclusive: Insightful Interview

Over the past few months, I’ve really taken a liking to the music produced by Matthew Suggett, more commonly known in the music world as Insightful. Recently, I sent him an e-mail and was psyched when he agreed to answer some questions for us. Below the questions you can find some of my personal favorites by him. If you like what you hear, make sure to “Like” his Facebook page and be sure to check out his collection on his Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages.
Where are you from?
I was born in San Diego, CA, a couple miles from the Mexican border. The weather cannot be beat. I now reside in Oakland, in a peaceful, yet chaotic one bedroom studio with my girlfriend and my dog Elvis.
How old are you?
I am the ripe age of 22. My spiritual power number.
Who were your biggest influences growing up? Have they changed since?
Honestly, people who really know me know I love Enya. She was always played during my child hood while my mom cleaned the house. Peaceful and epic. During that same time period, my older brother Anthony played a ton of Wutang and 2pac when I was like 8. Although I didn’t understand the content fully at the time, I think it definitely shaped my tastes subconsciously. What influences me now is actually soul and acoustic sappy music, and a lot of non English speaking music. In all honesty, I love all music and my influences definitely changed and will continue to do so ’til I return to light.
What genres do you use to label your music?
It sucks ’cause when an elder (40+) asks me the same question I try to describe it in the least “hip hop” manner ’cause in their minds they’ll automatically think Im trying to sell crack and swag out on bxtches without any emotion. I would consider it “experimental instrumental magic”.
How old were you when you started producing, and are there any specific programs you prefer using to produce?
I was 17 when I first was dabbling. Shit sucked, but I hermitized myself in my room and literally did that day in and day out for years and I do that to this day. Light the incense, open the windows, and do what comes natural. I use Reason and Logic for a majority of my work, with recorded sounds from a handy feild track recorder.
Are there any specific tracks of yours that are extra special to you?
There are actually various tracks that made me emotionally break down and cry as I was making them, like the sounds brought somthing out of me that I was going through that day or somthing that was lingering over me that month. I mean, a random person could listen to it and be like, “this sucks and your a pussy”. I dropped an album “Elena” dedicated to my beautiful mother, and I was like “Yo mom, I’m making an album dedicated to your beauty and life, write somthing that embodies that shit.” and she was like “Igght son.”. She comes back in 15 minutes with this beautifully written poem/story, and we recorded it together. That was probably the most special thing I’ve done, ’cause I collabed with my mom.
What’s the story behind the name, Insightful?
At the time I was in a group called People Of Earth, which was a group of 12 extremely talented, beautiful, spiritual assholes. I picked the name for three reasons, I liked the word, I liked the meaning, and it’s what I was/am.
Have you ever toured? If not, do you have any plans to in the future?
I havent toured yet, but have been doing a duo performance in the Bay Area with the brother B.Lewis, with Ableton and two Mpd’s. We play a monthly in San Fransisco called Bumps run by my man Joe Mousepad. We’ve been working alot with the RESONATE fam out in Stockton CA. We are hopefully going to get a tour going with Thriftworks, Rufio, Joob, Joe Mousepad, and other tribe members.
Alright, well that just about wraps it up. Thank you so much for your time, looking forward to hearing your future sounds. Be easy!




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