ASAP Rocky Vs. Odd Future?

Well, I could of seen this coming. Honestly i knew this was going to happen sooner or later, Odd Future and ASAP Rocky‘s crew are both young, wild, and swagged out. So the fact OFWGKTA is from the West Coast and ASAP and his boys are from the East i knew some shit was bound to go down, and this may be what set off the beef. In the video below ASAP Rocky says he does not want beef with Odd Future, yet still talks a lot of shit. Calling members of Wolf gang ugly, saying they eat boogers, etc. I don’t know how this will end, but my guess is retaliation from Odd Future very soon, they usually don’t take kindly to call outs or disrespect at all. We’ll see what goes down, anyway peep the video below of ASAP Rocky speaking on the possible Odd Future beef. Also read the Complex interview regarding some of the concepts brought up in this article here.

Watch here.

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