Exclusive: Styles & Complete Interview

So about a month or so back I posted about these dudes Styles & Complete for their grimey dubstep remixes to dope songs like Drake’s “I’m On One” and “B.O.B” by Outkast. I was lucky enough to get an interview with the two about touring, their music, and their careers before Styles & Complete, check it out below:

D. Rehms: You guys have been featured on mad blogs for your ill songs and remixes, your movement is definitely increasing daily, and I see you guys blowing up in the near future for your unique ill sound. Who are Styles & Complete?

Styles & Complete: We are a DJ and a producer that have very similar visions of what good music is.  We teamed up because of that and stay in the studio.

DR: How’d you come up with the individual stage names?

Styles: A-Styles was a name that my friends gave me in middle school and it stuck. Now I like to say it stands for All Styles. 

Complete: DJ Complete was just a name that I thought sounded pretty cool.

DR: Where are you guys from?

S & C: Charlotte, NC.

DR: How did you guys meet?

Styles: We met on YouTube. I Ieft a comment on DJ Complete’s “I Love College” remix, offered help, and we joined up I think the next day and started making music. 2 years later we formed Styles&Complete.

DR: What musicians have influenced you guys the most?  

S & C: Tons of hip hop artist and producers from the late 90s and early 2000s, especially dirty south producers like Lil Jon, Organized Noize & Three 6 Mafia. Recently we have been stuck on some Nero, Skrillex, Datsik, Skism, and the list goes on. 

DR: What’s some of your guys favorite music to listen to? 

S & C: Dubstep, Hip Hop, & Electro/House

DR: What genre would you call your music? 

S & C: #DirtySouthElectroSwag

DR: The first track I heard by you guys was your masterpiece of a remix to Outkast’s classic song “B.O.B.” What was your favorite remix you’ve done so far? 

Styles: I would say our latest remix of DJ Khaled’s “I’m On One” with Drake and Wayne. I feel like that drop goes the hardest of all our shit.

Complete: GTFD“. It’s our first original, and there’s something cool about hearing people going crazy off a production that’s 100% original.

DR: I’ve read up a little on you guys. A-Styles, you’ve produced for a bunch of well known hip hop artists from The Ying Yang Twins to Da Muzicianz; what was one of your favorite beats you’ve ever made? 

S & C: There’s alot of stuff that wasn’t released that I really liked but out of what we released I would say Ying Yang Twins “Wild Out”, “Big Butts”(Styles&Complete production), and “Popcorn Popper” with Bone Crusher and Fabo from D4L.
DR: And DJ Complete you are the team DJ for the Charlotte Bobcats, also really cool. Are the Charlotte Bobcats your favorite team?

S & C: Actually yes… it was the Hornets for me before that. I don’t really rock with other cities/states teams, so I wasn’t really into the NBA in between the Hornets and Bobcats.

DR: I read on your Facebook page that you decided to join forces with one goal in mind: Make POWERFUL CLUB MUSIC. While you make movingly powerful house music, you also make ill dubstep as well. What music style are you focusing more on in the future for Styles & Complete?  

S & C: Basically we always want to take the feeling of dubstep, specifically the hard drops and aggressive feel, and continue to blend it with electro & hip hop in creative and original ways.

DR: Who do you look up to as an artist? 

S & C: Anybody who grinds hard and keeps it real business-wise… regardless of genre. We’re influenced by such a wide range of music thanks to the digital era, that we really can appreciate any genre. So we really look up to those who have been successful in their genre’s and stayed true to their style.

DR: How do you come up with new beats/ideas for songs – what is your inspiration? 

S & C: Either one of us gets a random idea or we just wing it until something starts sounding cool.

DR: Are you touring anytime soon? 

S & C: We have some shows coming up in North & South Carolina in the next couple weeks, then we’re looking to plan tours in the early spring. For booking information contact Jack@moodswing360.com. Also, check out our promo video of us performing at UNC Chapel here!

DR: Are you making any albums/EPs/Mixtapes anytime soon?  

S & C: Right now we are working on an EP and will continue with remixes and mashups as well.

DR: Who would you like to collab with or produce for in the future? 

S & C: Anyone… honestly anybody that likes our sound and is inspired, we can find a way to make it work with any style.

DR: What separates your guys’ sound from other house/electronic/dubstep artists? 

S & C: We choose not to have rules and limitations as we’ve noticed other EDM dj/producers have.  We also like to incorporate our love for hip hop and I think we just got our own sound.

DR: Have you performed yet? If so, what’s been your favorite show?  

S & C: Yeah so far we’ve done shows around Charlotte, as well as college shows at UNC, UNCW, Wake Forest and USC.

DR: Nice, Any music videos coming in the future?  

S & C: Definitely!  We are brain storming ideas.

DR: Goodshit! Thanks again for talking with Skood Music Styles&Complete! We will be keeping an eye out for any dope future releases from you guys. 

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