Download Now: AfroWhitey’s Mixtape Vol. 2

While in class a couple months ago I had two teachers, Dave and Dustin who at the time were talking about performing at Ultra Music Festival last year. I was tempted to check out their SoundCloud after hearing about this and once i did i was hooked on their unique sound. Afrowhitey is a Florida based dubstep/hip hop group that your ears must hear NOW. Dustin‘s production is chill almost southern hip hop style beats mashed together perfectly with grimey dubstep with drops that will melt your face. And sampling Outkast? That is just tough. And lyrically Dave, or DeeRobes can most definitely spit. At first seeing him i thought of Andre 3000 from his face but his flow is more similar to Sonny Shotz from The Deans Listhe way he relates to youth culture yet still sometimes tells a story or makes you think of things that have also once happen to you in your lifetime. Overall AfroWhitey is awesome and I’m just stoked to say i knew them before most because with their unique sound, and dubstep becoming bigger daily their dub hop type sound will get them fame very soon. Yes, there has been plenty of dubstep mashups that have incorporated hip hop in them but finally, to my knowledge one of the first legit dubstep/hip hop groups has arrived and isn’t going anywhere. Anyways listen to any of their music below thanks to SoundCloud. Featuring their Mixtape Vol.1, Ridin’ Promo Mix and Mixtape Vol. 2, download the rest of their music at their SoundCloud.

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